Government should go for a referendum for 20A - The Liberal Party

schedule  2020-Sep-25
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Mr. Kamal Nissanka, Secretary General of The Liberal Party issuing a Press Release on behalf of the party states that the party is very much concerned about some of the provisions of the proposed 20th amendment (20A) which are detrimental to a functioning of a liberal democracy and urges the parliament to have a detailed and in depth discussion on those controversial provisions.


The Liberal Party is of the view that provisions for independent election commission which is not responsible for parliament is a significant provision in the 19th amendment and urges to retain these salient provisions in the 20th amendment.


The Liberal Party emphasizes the parliament to retain independent commissions on Audit Service and National Procurement. The Liberal Party also urges the parliament to improve the provisions for right of access to information.  The Liberal Party maintains the opinion that no dual citizen should be made to elect or appoint for elected bodies, government or judicial service. The Liberal Party ideology is to support for the concept of minimum government and urges the parliament to reduce the number of cabinet ministers and other ministers between 25-30 members or less. The Liberal Party also proposes to have Independent Public Service and Independent Judiciary and believes that the provisions in the drafted 20th amendment are not adequate to fulfill that task.


The Liberal Party believes that the 20th amendment would bring the country to a virtual control of one person creating an authoritarian rule alienating the minorities. The Liberal Party criticizes that notion prevailed during the debate on the 1978 constitution that centralization of power would bring the economic development in the country as a myth and much inclusiveness is needed to make Sri Lanka a vibrant democracy leading towards economic growth.


The Liberal Party believes that the final expectation and aim of the framers of 20th amendment is to create a political dynasty in Sri Lanka that would subjugate democratic rights of all Sri Lankans.


The Liberal Party urges the government to put forward the 20th amendment draft before the general public by way of a referendum without consulting the Supreme Court as such feature is more democratic rather than passing through 150 Members of Parliament.






Kamal Nissanka

Secretary General

The Liberal Party (Sri Lanka)

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