People should not be Misled by Extremists -The Liberal Party

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People should not be Misled by Extremists -The Liberal Party

Secretary General of the Liberal Party Mr. Kamal Nissanka issuing a statement on the recent incidents occurred at Ampara and Kandy vehemently condemns unruly acts of  the perpetrators and warn people not be misled by such extremists.

He further states that the country had suffered a lot after the independence with lives and properties and faced a 30 year war because of national disharmony and warns that it is a duty and obligation of all political parties to not to stick into parochial and extremist politics.

Mr. Nissanka further states that the extreme organizations mushroomed after conclusion of war often propagate mythical and unscientific views such as “usage of sterilization pills” and it is sad that learned intellectuals such as members of medical profession and allied fields are not coming forward to counter and disperse these myths.

Mr Nissanka further states that though the government has created many branches in ministries on national reconciliation and language parity these efforts have been failed as they are not reached to grass root level.

He further states that chief prelates and other leading monks should not maintain silence as there is no place for violence in religious establishments whatsoever and should take disciplinary measures for those who are involved in politically motivated crimes.

Mr Nissanka further stated that as liberals they stand for human rights, reconciliation and linguistic harmony and therefore support the view of national integration surpassing ethnic, linguistic and religious divisions among people.

Liberals remind the people how the country was fallen to a marginalized status within international community after the Black July of 1983 and  urge the people to maintain tolerance at this difficult hour.

It further states that it is also the duty of state machinery to act impartially to maintain law and order and bring perpetrators before court of law.  


Kamal Nissanka ,AAL

Leader and Secretary General

The Liberal Party

March 9,2018

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