Liberals Condemn the Murder of Students

schedule  2016-Nov-20
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Secretary General of the Liberal Party Mr. Kamal Nissanka issuing a statement vehemently condemns the assassination of  two undergraduates Vijayakumar Sulakshan and Nadaraja Kajan  on 20th  of October in Jaffna by those associated with Sri Lanka police. The liberals and liberal democrats of Sri Lanka should condemn the crime unhesitatingly.

Mr. Nissanka further condemns the attempt by a section associated with police to cover up the real crime by issuing contradictory statements. Liberals request from the Police Commission to start a further investigation that led to cover up the crime as a mere accident.

The Liberal Party believes that this ugly incident will definitely create unrest among the university community and it will further cast a very bad effect on the current reconciliation process negatively.

The Liberal Party urges the government to initiate a speedy investigation and prosecute the criminals before a court of law.

Understanding the state of impunity that existed in the country to bury the heinous crimes occurred during the last decade, the Liberal Party urges, Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, the human rights groups both local and international   to mount pressure on authorities to work out to bring perpetrators before law without delay.

Further liberals and liberal democrats should demand the authorities to compensate the families of the victims as a goodwill effort and should take all necessary steps to stop such occurrences in future.

The Liberal Party requests members of student community to express restrain and tolerance and agitates in peaceful manner to meet the demands associated with this crime and sends its heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims.


Kamal Nissanka

Secretary General

The Liberal Party


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