President and Prime Minister Should Act(Statement on SAITM)

schedule  2017-Mar-31
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 Secretary General of the Liberal Party Mr. Kamal Nissanka issuing a statement on the ongoing SAITM issue states that The President and Prime minister should take a firm decision on SAITM.

“The Liberal Party (Sri Lanka) is much concerned about the ongoing debate in educational, legal and political circles regarding the MBBS degree program conducted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) The party understands that all students getting qualified in the G.C.E. advanced levels are not enrolled to the state universities as the state cannot provide necessary facilities. In the circumstances those who can afford are tend to get higher education in foreign universities and degree awarding institutions. In parallel to this trend there are numerous institutions in Sri Lanka those provide higher education in special areas.”

It is clear that the formation of the controversial institution, SAITM had been taken pace during the last government in 2009 and a gazette notification had also been issued conferring the institute to award degrees in medicine. The Liberal Party cannot understand why the stake holders were not vocal at that time regarding looming issues inter connected with the establishment of SAITM.

The Liberal Party is of the view that the clinical practice offered to the medical students at Malabe is not up to the required standards comparing   both to local and international standards. Therefore if the authorities are to continue the institute immediate corrective measures have to be taken to resolve the issue of clinical practice.

The party also learns that the student population and a sector in the GMOA are agitating to close down the Malabe institute in order to resolve the problem and thus the matter is growing to a large political issue and an immediate remedial action should be taken by the authorities.

The party understands that as per the judgment of the Court of Appeal of Sri Lanka all stake holders should act constructively in order to resolve the issue.

The Liberal Party urges the Sri Lanka Medical Council to adopt a coherent policy in registering medical practitioners.   The Liberal Party requests the President and Prime Minister to take a firm decision after consulting all stake holders of the issue.


Kamal Nissanka



The Liberal Party (Sri Lanka)                                                                                                   February23, 2017




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