Statement on the death of Fidel Castro

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Statement on the death of Fidel Castro

Fearlessly Fought against Imperialism and Neo- Colonialism

 Secretary General of the Liberal Party (Sri Lanka) issuing a statement on the death of  Cuban leader  Fidel Castro  states that The Liberal Party of Sri Lanka is deeply sorrowed by the death of Mr Fidel Castro  who built a socialist state on the doorstep of United States o America in 1959 after a successful revolution and anti imperialist struggle  against the suppression of Batista.

Multiple of causes resulted in the erupt of the armed struggle against pro American dictatorship of Batista then dictator of Cuba. It was nearly sixty years ago Fidel and his group left Mexico to launch revolution and  anti imperialist struggle against imperialism nad neo colonialism,

Unlike the revolution in Russia in 1917 and revolution in China in 1949 ,Cuban revolutionary party was not initially a Marist- Leninist political party but it was a patriotic party which fought against neo colonialism.

After the revolution in 1959 Castro chose the socialist path  for economic development and became an close friend of Soviet Union , its allies and Peoples Republic of China.

Cuban revolution became the symbol of anti imperialism and neo colonialism  and during the cold war period Castro was regarded as a towering figure  by the socialists and left wing revolutionaries  all over the world .

There is no doubt that the ideology of early Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna in late sixties was mainly based  on the thinking of Fidel and Che Guerra rather than Marxism –Leninism professed by Soviet Union and Peoples Republic of China.

The Liberal Party (Sri Lanka) happily learns the intention of both Obama administration and present Cuban leaders to normalize relations between the two   hostile countries in the last few years.

The Liberal party learns that the socialist system in the Soviet Union and East block collapsed in 1989 Cuba had maintained its socialist system and thus won the hearts of many socialists all over the globe.

However the Liberal Party is concerned about the repercussions of a one party monopoly which leads to human rights violation and suppression of media and dissent in Cuba and hopes situation would turn better in future.

The Liberal Party is aware of the numerous assassination attempts leveled at Castro and luckily he was able to escape all those attempts and the west itself created him a hero in world politics.

At this critical hour Liberal Party and liberals in Sri Lanka extend its deep sorrow to the family of Castro and Cuban government without any reservation.


Kamal Nissanka

Secretary General

The Liberal Party (Sri Lanka)


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