Liberals Condemn Military Crackdown in Burma.

schedule  2021-Apr-17
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Liberals Condemn Military Crackdown in Burma.

Secretary General of the Liberal Party (Sri Lanka), Mr. Kamal Nissanka issuing a press release states that the party national committee condemns February 1 coup and the ongoing military crackdown of peaceful anti coup demonstrations and general strike and urge the military junta to accept the result of the national election that had given a huge mandate to National League for Democracy.

The Liberal Party believes that by so far numerous restrictions are imposed by the junta including obstructions of internet facilities and over 700 civilians including children have been assassinated   and most of the leaders of the National League for Democracy are being held in custody including the national leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Burma a colony of United Kingdom got independence in 1948 and a coup was launched in 1962 and thereafternearly fiftyyears the country was   governed by the military.  In 2007 what was termed as “Saffron Revolution” took place where thousands of Buddhist monks agitated against the then military rule. However in 2011 the military allowed a slow return to civilian rule.

The Liberals all over the world (With Liberal International and Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats) hope that the United Nations Security Council should involve resolving the issue in order to safeguards the democratic rights of the Burmese people.


Kamal Nissanka

Secretary General

The Liberal Party (Sri Lanka)

2021.04. 15


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