Statement on Geneva Resolution 34/1 Sri Lanka Government is now under Heavy Pressure as US Policy not changed -Kamal Nissanka

schedule  2017-Mar-31
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Issuing a statement on Geneva Resolution 34/1, Mr Kamal Nissanka , Secretary General of the Liberal Party states that US policy on Sri Lanka has not changed although some expected a shift in the policy after Trump victory. Though the President and the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka make their rhetoric against hybrid courts, consensus resolution adopted on 23.03.2017 will have far reaching results affecting Sri Lankan politics especially with regard to commitments towards reconciliation and transitional justice and therefore cosponsors will pressurize the government to accept the idea of foreign judges.

The resolution HRC 34/1 "Promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka" was sponsored by Montenegro, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, United States of America.

Mr Nissanka further states that it is very clear that the USA administration under President Donald Trump is pushing the 2015 consensus resolution (Resolution 30/1) granting further two years to fulfill and implement what were agreed before.

Montenegro and Macedonia were two countries formed after the breakdown of former Yugoslavia. Northern Ireland was also a country affected by a protracted conflict.

“During the Interactive Dialogue, the High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein expressed concern over Sri Lanka's slow progress in establishing transitional justice mechanisms to address the accountability and emphasized the need of an agreement on a comprehensive strategy, with a time-line and detailed benchmarks, to address all the transitional justice pillars identified in Resolution 30/1, which, was co-sponsored by Sri Lanka.”

It is understandable that the resolution 34/1, welcoming the steps taken by the Government of Sri Lanka to implement Human Rights Council resolution 30/1, and recognizing in this context the need for further significant progress, requests the Government of Sri Lanka to implement what were agreed before in promotion and protection of human rights ,truth and justice ,reconciliation and accountability.

Mr. Nissanka further states that in  near future UNHRC through the Office of the High Commissioner and mandate holders will strengthen their participation and assistance on the promotion and protection of human rights, truth and justice, reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka according to the Resolution 34/1.

Liberals also believe that implementation of transitional justice is a slow process in Si Lanka and government has to expedite the process in order to bring justice to victims and create lasting peace.


Kamal Nissanka,

Secretary General

The Liberal Party

31 March, 2017



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