Liberal Party Breaks Silence, No MOU with UPFA

schedule  2015-Jul-31
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Secretary General of the Liberal Party Mr. Kamal Nissanka issuing a press release states that party has not signed a Memorandum of Understating (MOU) with United Peoples Freedom Alliance.(UPFA)). He further states that though the party supported the common candidate at the last presidential election,  with resurgence of forces representing former president Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse  to enter into politics through UPFA , party was divided in its opinion  and was in a dilemma as to choose what sort of a  political line to be followed. Party notes that one of   national committee members in the absence of a MOU has attempted and succeeded to place his name in the national list of UPFA. In the absence of a duly signed MOU inclusion of the name of  Dr.Rajiva Wijesinha’s name in UPFA national list has created number of debating  issues within the Liberal Party.

Further, Dr Wijesinha,s shifting of allegiances from various political alliances within a very short period ,first to  Maithree, Ranil combination, and then to criticize Ranil and the attempt to show  as a Maithree supporter and then  indirectly to praise Mahinda Rajapakse and then directly align with the Rajapakse camp  caused  much tension in the Liberal Party.

In recent times ,Dr Wijesinha initiated a massive face book campaign against  Prime Minister, Hon Ranil Wickramasinghe in social media, namely Face Book against the wishes of the Liberal Party. However the Liberal Party is well aware that Mr. Wickramasinhe maintained great tolerance and showing his maturity had not replied to any comments in the Facebook. Through the criticism against Hon Wickramasinghe he was able to reach more closely to Rajapakse camp in the UPFA. Dr Wijesinha voted for the 18th amendment in 2010 against the majority view of the Liberal Party and proved himself non valuable to the Liberal Party. However with great pressure from the party he abstained from voting in support of the impeachment against the Chief Justice, Mrs Shirani Bandaranayake.

Mr. Nissanka further states that though Dr Wijesinha was the leader of the Liberal Party for 2014, the party has not duly elected a leader and a national organizer for year 2015 and therefore he remained a national committee member in 2015 at the time of inclusion his name in the UPFA national list. Liberal Party may elect a leader and national organizer in due cause.

Now in the absence of a MOU between two secretaries of LP and UPFA, Dr Rajiva Wijesinha’.s status in the Liberal Party is at issue. Liberal Party has fielded candidates in four districts (Colombo, Kurunegala, Galle and Matara) as it was unable to form an alliance and a MOU with another political force. As Dr Wijesinha is now hardworking and campaigning for the victory of Mahinda Rajapakse forces and at the same time ,the Liberal Party is trying to campaign for its own candidates, a conflict of interests has been arisen and majority of the party believes that he has ceased to be a member of the Liberal Party by operation of law. So the party officials will not officially communicate with Dr Wijesinha until he publicly resign from UPFA national list.

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