Financial Irregularities should be Abandoned

schedule  2018-Apr-07
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Leader of the Liberal Party of Sri Lanka Mr Kamal Nissanka issuing a statement on the recent no confidence motion against the prime minister state that the victory safeguarded the country from anarchist situation. He said that the motion was able to further deivide the Sri Lanka Freedom Party of which Mr Maithripala Sirisena is the leader. However there number of after effects with conclusion of the no confidence motion and the liberals belive that the goverment should engage in monetary transparency in every act. The motion was able to get alll minority parties under United National Party  banner. It is aklso a  defeat to newly formed Sri Lanka Podujana Front as it had belief in the begining that a group of United National Party would join with opposition to vote  in favour of the motion. The Liberal party feels that goverment's 2/3rd majority is now over.

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