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Liberal Party’s stand in 2005 as well as in 2010 was to support Mr Mahinda Rajapakse candidacy for presidency. In 2010 I, as the secretary of the party had number of discussions with key Mahinda Rajapakse figures namely, Mr Sarath Kierthirathne( Mr Rajapakse;s coordinator with small parties),Mr. Basil Rajapakse, Mr Shamindra Rajapakse (President Rajapakse’s private secretary) and finally with Mr. Susil Premajayantha ,secretary of UPFA to get a national seat slot for the party and the party at that time was of the view that  Dr Rajiva Wijesinha should be the party nominee in this regard and I handed over Dr Rajiva Wisesinha’s nomination application to Mr Susil Premajayanha at the Ministry of Education at Battaramulla.At that time I was both the leader and secretary general of the party  while Rajiva was only a committee member

 Though there was no written agreement between Liberal Party and UPFA, I admit that there was verbal agreement between Mr Susil Premajayantha and me in 2010. After the election results were released Dr. Rajiva Wijesinha was appointed as a national list MP from UPFA on behalf of the Liberal Party. I am not hesitating to give the full credit to former president and leader of the UPFA Mr Mahinda Rajapakse .in this regard.

I was invited for various  official functions by the UPFA after 2010 general election victory but with the introduction of 18th amendment my interests towards UPFA gradually diminished and we were unable to consolidate the understanding with UPFA in the form of a MOU.

Though Dr Wijesinha voted in support of the 18th amendment he abstained from voting in the impeachment against Mrs Shirani Bandaranayake  under the pressure mounted by the party and the  understanding between LP and UPFA further strained during the impeachment period

In early 2014, I was invited by Rev Maduluwawe Sobitha to join the campaign in search of a common candidate and both myself and Mr Ananda Stephen (Deputy Secretary General of LP) joined in various events organized by Rev Sobitha  group.

In the early part of December 2014 ,Dr Wijesiha called me and told that he had been asked by Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe to meet him and  I gave my green light to meet Mr Wickramasinghe. The next day Mr Wasantha Senanayake MP ,who was a close friend of Dr Rajiva Wijesinha crossed over to opposition and it was the first salvo in favor of  the “Yahapalana Group”.

When Mr Maithripala Sirisena declared his intention to contest with Mahinda  Rajapakse ,Dr Wjesinha was also crossed over ,an act which I endorsed..

My political relationship with Dr Wijesinha began to sink as he resigned from the state minister post without informing the party.

Thereafter I can remember that Mr. Susil Premajantha wanted to expel Dr Wijesingha from the UPFA as he joined with Maithree and we contended that as there was no written MOU between LP and UPFA Mr.Susil Premajayantha  cannot ask Dr Wijesinha  to resign or expel him from the national list of UPFA as he is a Liberal Party member and  thus Susil’s attempt was foiled because of the argument developed by few of us..

By March this year Dr.Wiesinha was appearing as a person who speaks against Mr..Ranil Wickramasinghe and in that  context amity between Susil and Rajiva was also developed.

In this context,  Dr Wijesinha wanted to sign something with Mr Premajayantha  and threatened me by e mail that he was going  to sign a document and disclosed that he was prepared to face disciplinary inquiry by the party in such event.. I resisted this attempt and to date there is no MOU between LP and UPFA.

If we have a MOU with UPFA, the best evidence could be provided by Mr Mahinda Desapriya (EC), who is authorizing MOU’s between political parties

To me, Mr Susil Premajayantha is a well-trained and experienced political administrator with high level  of experience and therefore I believe that if he wants to offer  a MP post to Dr.Rajiva Wijesinha he will definitely compel Dr Wijesinha  to take the membership of SLFP as he has ample experience with Dr  Wijesinha in recent past..


Kamal Nissanka


The Liberal Party

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