De-Radicalization process should be launched quickly

schedule  2019-May-15
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De-Radicalization process should be launched quickly

The Liberal Party


Leader of the Liberal Party, Mr. Kamal Nissanka issuing a news statement on the incidents occurred in the North Western Province on the 13th of May , 2019 urges the people to calm down and respect the rights of all communities withholding all types of violence  and hate speech.

As Sri Lanka had faced a 30 year old war with separatists, all should think at this moment to unite and minimize each other’s differences.  Liberals expect from all political parties and fronts not to use the situation for their cheap political gains and request to see the issue through a broader perspective.

Liberal Party urges the Muslim leadership whether they are political or religious oriented to initiate the de-radicalization process of Muslim youth as ongoing security measures would only solve one aspect of the larger issue confronting the country and the nation.

The Liberal Party hopes that our people would finally defeat all external and international forces behind the Easter Sunday massacre  and urges the government in power to act intelligently to restore stability and democratic rights of all our people.


Kamal Nissanka

Leader, The Liberal Party

May14, 2019.

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