Kamal Nissanka joins constitutional reform discussion

schedule  2016-Oct-21
library_books Article, news

Mr Kamal Nissanka was invited by the Office of National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) for  a discussion on constitutional reform held at BMICH on the 13th of September , 2016. Dr Navarathna Bandara(Senior Lecturer), Dr Jayampathi Wickramarathne(MP), Mrs Chandrika Bandaranaike, (Former President)Mr Mano Ganeshan (Minister )jointly chaired the panel.All of them delivered short lectures.

In the following discussion Mr Nissanka stressed that there are some positive features in the existing  constitution and therefore when drafting a new constitution framers should consider those features.

Mr Nissanka further said that the main loop hole in the present constitution is the electoral system and therefore framers should study the German model in order to offer a justifiable electoral system.


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