Take Measures to Implement Recommendations of COPE

schedule  2017-Mar-31
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Mr Kamal Nissanka , Secretary General of the Liberal Party issuing a statement   hails the announcement in the parliament on 28th of October  2016, on the unanimous decision regarding the Central  Bank  bond issue investigated by COPE  ,that had brought an upheaval in the political  and  financial circles during the last one and half years.  While appreciating the new found authority in the parliamentary system , the  Liberal Party would also pose a question as to what happened to the thirty COPE reports prepared during the tenure of last government. Liberals would take this opportunity to congratulate the Chairman of the COPE Mr Sunil Handunnetti , MP for his hard work  in completing the task  endowed to him by the parliament.

“The Liberal Party that supported  Mr. Maithripala Sirisena’s  campaign in the last presidential  election did not vacillate when the Central Bank bond issue  was revealed and joined hands with the movement to force the resignation of the former Central Bank Governor , Mr. Arjun Mahendran.” 

“The Liberal party believes that the bond issue is as the largest case of maladministration and misappropriation of our state financial resources and regrets that an attempt by a sector of the political establishment to cover of the issue has brought further suspicion and should thank the media, specially the social media for its new found strength.”

“The Liberal Party believes that the COPE report would not be fruitful unless authorities concerned take appropriate measures to bring the culprits before the law enforcement procedure. Therefore the party hopes a vibrant debate in the parliament would serve other financial institutions, law enforcement authorities, political parties and civil society organizations and media to work out a comprehensive scheme to prevent recurrence of malpractices of larger magnitude.”

However the last determination  regarding the recommendations of the COPE report  rest in the parliament itself  and the liberals and liberal democrats  hope the present unity government  would  take further measures to  implement the  recommendations  o the report without undue   delay .

Kamal Nissanka

Secretray General

The Liberal Party

October 31, 2016














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